Action Plan launch

On Wednesday 23 September we are launching our Action Plan at a breakfast in the city with Lynn MacLaren MLC and guest speaker Debbie Kilroy OAM, CEO and founder of Sisters Inside. The Action Plan identifies easy, everyday things that members of the community can do, at very little cost, to alleviate the conditions for the women […]

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‎HYPOCRITES –Blissful irresponsibility To surrender the chains Of adulthood and just be In this place they sent to punish me. –Reconnection to childhood Memories dormant Resurface as you knew they would When the chains are loosened. –There is no need to be strong That has been left outside the gates That they locked for the […]

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Bandyup Voices is a space to talk about Bandyup Women’s Prison and show support for the women inside, and where women who have previously been at Bandyup can tell their stories. These voices are so often marginalised and silenced. This is a space where the women inside can be heard. Click on the menu in the top right corner.

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